I love going clubbing, I love to dance with my girls!
Fucking friends is the best! It makes us closer!
I love my friends!!!!! I'm always in their pants :)
Noooooo.... I am not a strict lesbian!!! :)

Age: 22
From: Vancouver, BC
Favorite position: 69 action with pussy in my face!
Wildest night: Me, 3 girls and dry whiskey... F-U-N !! :)
Favorite drink: LIght beer and lots of it :)
Why girls: They know how to make me cum!!

Laundry Sucks!!!

I've been doing laundry all day. ERRRR. I guess I need to stop buying clothes so I don't have so many to wash. lol I just want to hurry up and get this done so I can meetmy friends Renee at the gym and work out. Plus we are going to go panty shopping together after the gym. Laundry = LAME. My legs hurt from running up and down the efing stairs! I did find a couple super sexy tops I had forgotten about! Hurray! LOL Oops I just hear the dryer buzz so I have to go switch the load.

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